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David D. Hagen,CIC specializes in health insurance for individuals, group and small businesses. We offer a variety of plans including: health, life, dental, disability, long term care, annuities and employee benefits.

Click here to see if you may be eligible for a subsidy, if so let me know!

Disclaimer : this link is to the Kaiser Foundation web site and is provided for your convenience. It's accuracy is not my responsibility and if you think it's wrong you are encouraged to search out more.

My services are free to you. I work as a personal advocate to find the best plan for you personally. I believe that people should be aware of their options. Even people that are covered by a spouse's plan may have a better option available.

We have worked for our clients at no cost to our clients since 1988, and want to do that for you as well. We work with a variety of customers, including Real Estate Agents, self-employed and more.

I can be reached toll free at 877-232-9757 or by email at medicalinsurancepro@msn.com. Or click here for a free quote.

I am not giving tax or legal advice, please consult a professional.